2016/17 – 2nd Year – Preparation for the Oral Spring assessment

La préparation à l’Oral :

  1. Pronounciation: accent, words are properly said, [(h)], not saying the last consonnant if there is no vowel after it, don’t pronounce the e, es, ent at the end of verbs, [R], [on] – un bonbon, [an] – un banc, [ou] – un hibou, [u] – La voiture
  2. Elaboration: Could say: “J’ai un frère” or “J’ai un frère il s’appelle Fred” -> If you pick the more “elaborated” answer you impress the examiner more -> shows effort hence -> good preps for JC and LC
  3. Preparation: Learn your vocab and your answers. -> you won’t hesitate (communication) -> you understand the questions (because you have translated them) -> Flowy -> You’ll know what to say -> you won’t make grammar mistakes

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