2017/18 – 3rd years – Expression écrite

Written A 2009

(a) You are on a school tour to Paris with your class. Write a postcard to your French penpal

Camille. In your card tell her

– where you are and who you are with -> past/present

– that you went to a museum yesterday -> past

– that you will visit Fontainebleau on Tuesday. -> futur


Paris, le 15 de février

Cher Camille, / Chère Camille,

Salut, ça va bien ? (Merci pour ta lettre que j’ai reçue la semaine dernière. Ca m’a fait très plaisir.) -> Written B

  1.  Je viens d’arriver (recent past) avec mes camarades de classe à Paris. Mon professeur de français a organisé un voyage scolaire (a school trip) pour tous les élèves. C’est vraiment génial.

Une sortie scolaire = an outing

To get 5/5 in communication and 5/5 in structure -> three French sentences (or two with 3 main ideas)in proper French, with diffrent vocabulary and grammar points. One point per paragraph.

Prepare your points (tenses / english prep)

  1. Recent past / passe comp / present -> un voyage organisé, un voyage, camarades, génial
  • Say what the point want you to say
  • Expand by adding one extra piece of info (still link with your first sentence) –
  • Saying how you feel about it (one or two points)

Au revoir,

A bientôt, Ecris-moi vite, Salut, A plus tard,

Mr Porzadny


Marking scheme : Language – Evaluate the use of vocabulary, spelling, verb tenses, pronouns, prepositions, agreement of adjectives, use of negatives, etc. in accordance with the marking grid below.

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