2019/20 – 5th years – Semaine du 19 au 26 mars

Chers élèves,

Each Thursday you will find in your section of MyFrenchTeacher.eu the assigned work for the week.

Organise your time as best as possible, a little bit everyday is always better than all of it in one go.

Make sure you join the French Google classroom (the class code will be sent to you via the “Hangouts” platform). Please type your written work using Google doc and upload it on Google classroom, this is so I can correct your work properly. I will not correct any handwritten work.

Bon courage et à bientôt,

Mr Porzadny



Watch the French news as often as you can via TV5monde.org

Choose one of the following online activity. A2 is elementary level while B1 is intermediate level. There are four exercises per activity, explanations are at the top and the correction of each exercise is given to you once you click “Ok” at the end. This exercise is a good opportunity to widen your vocabulary by adding some words you find useful in your copy.

Niveau élémentaire: MC Solaar – Les mirabelles (niveau A2)

Niveau intermédiaire: MC Solaar – Les mirabelles (niveau B1)



Practice Duolingo for 15 minutes everyday or for 30 minutes every two days. Remember you can do so with the Duolingo App or from any laptop/computer.


Oral prep:

Preparation of 3 questions of Unit 5 (page 76/77 or Bonne chance). Please type your work using Google doc and upload it in the “Oral prep” section of google classroom.

Vocab Unit 5 : learn vocab page 80



Make sure that written 2.2a p96 a is typed and uploaded in the “Written production” section on Google classroom.

Correct 2.5 p98/99 (correction can be found in the “Reading comprehension” section ong Google classroom.

Do the reading comprehension 3.1 p99/100, the listening 3.2 p101 and the written work 3.3 p102.


Youtube project:

As you may remember on the 28th of January I assigned you with a “Youtube video” project. So first here is the recap’ of the work:

  • Pick a youtube video in French (2 to 3minutes max), it can be a documentary, a video clip, a piece of news in French, etc.
  • Then do some research work: understanding the video (which my involve use of dictionary, google trnaslater, etc.)
  • Next create a 75 word written production inf French in which you explain what this video is about and any other sort of info you find relevant.
  • Finally create a set of 7 to 10 questions (B1 level) with the answers.

Once your project is done, upload a file with all its content (link to video, written production, set of questions/asnwers) in the “Yoututbe project” assignment on Google classroom.

You will then have the opportunity to see your work added here on MyFrenchTeacher.eu for everyone to practice and enjoy!


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