2019/20 – 1st year – Semaine du 26 mars au 2 avril

Chers élèves,

First of all: Well done to you all! I can imagine that with the recent changes that happened your routine may have been a little challenging. However I hope you are enjoying spending time with your family, hopefully enjoying the sun too and especially loving some French!

On this note, here is this week’s assignments. Youpi! (as French people say). And to start this second week of remote learning fun I am adding a new feature “Hangouts”.

Hangouts” is the messaging platform from Google suite that teachers are using to correspond with their class. I have created a new conversation called “Français 2025” (since you will be graduating in 2025) where you can ask any questions you may have regarding the assignments or anything related to French. I would greatly appreciate if you could please keep this platform for anything related to our French classes.

I have also created a Google classroom for you that we will be using in the near future. At the moment all I am asking you to do is to join it using the Class code I have sent to your parents and that I am sending you over Hangouts.

A reminder, FOLENS, the publishers of your French textbook are making the ebook available to all, in case you don’t have it. Here are the instructions:

  • Go to FolensOnline.ie and click register
  • Select Teacher
  • Fill in a username, email and password
  • For Roll Number use the code: Sec20

Bon courage et à très vite,

Mr Porzadny



Do the following activity (or activities). A1 level activities are for beginners,  A2 are a little harder . There are four exercises per activity, explanations are at the top and the correction of each exercise is given to you once you click “Ok” at the end. This exercise is a good opportunity to widen your vocabulary by adding some words you find useful in your copy.

Niveau débutant – Nous allons vivre à la français (niveau A1)

Niveau élémentaire – Coronavirus: Attention aux fausses nouvelles (niveau A2)



Make sure that you have added yourself to the online duolingo classroom of 1st years by clicking here: https://www.duolingo.com/o/knywmw

Once this is done, practice Duolingo for 10 minutes everyday or for 20 minutes every two days. Remember you can do so with the Duolingo App or from any laptop/computer.


Bienvenue en France 1:

Watch the following video about “les prépositions”:

Copy the vocab from p148 + do the listenings (red boxes) p140, 148 & 149 + comprehension (blue box) p149 + pink boxes p141 & p152.

Correction of last week’s homework:







This week again, some more vocabulary and expressions about the house as well as some preposition. To learn and practice at your own pace…

On y va! – Mais où ça?.

La maison – Les types de logement

La maison – Chez moi (écoute)


French challenges:

Try as best you can to do the following activity:

Fill in the blanks



This week I would like you to find an easy French recipe you will be making for your family! It could be a simple dish for lunch, dinner or breakfast or a cake some pastries, etc. Knowing that next week you will have an activity to do about your experience of “being a French chef” make sure you keep track of your sources (Youtube video, name of website where you found the recipe, etc.).


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