2019/20 – Senior cycle – Semaine du 20 au 27 avril

Chers élèves,

“Bonne rentrée!” I hope you had a lovely Easter break. I would love to hear from you all and to know if any of you have attempted the Easter activities I posted on the website. I am therefore inviting you to join our weekly live class via the Zoom platform. I have sent you the details (day, time and link to the meeting) via Hangouts and it is also posted in your google classroom.

So as I mentioned to your parents in an email yesterday, the work I am assigning you is to be done for the Monday of each week. I would however advise to do your assignment following your school timetable. I have therefore organised the assignment under each day of the week where you have a French class. At the moment you have the work for today and tomorrow, the rest of the week will be added here tomorrow. If this does not suit, feel free to pick another time as long as it does not interfere with your other timetabled classes and as long as the work is finished before next Monday.

Make also sure to come on Hangouts at least once every day to get up to date info about the French lessons/assignments, to ask your questions or even to just say “Bonjour!”.

I wish you all the very best for this last straight line before the Summer holidays and “A bientôt!”


5th years (JP):


Write a little text in French about your Easter holidays (between 75 to 100 words) and upload it in the appropriate section on Google classroom (“Mes vacances de Pâques). Then check out the vocabulary of the following video: https://youtu.be/j-cA7DacVIk (feel free to take some notes). Once you think you know most of it, go ahead and attempt the following kahoot: https://kahoot.it/challenge/07751050?challenge-id=e79153eb-100d-4871-b49f-21da1a1866a1_1587333177409. Make sure to use your name when completing the Kahoot so I know who has completed the assignment.



Listening 1.3 p105 (go on edcolearning.ie to register for free access to the Mosaique ebook)

Exercise 2.1p106/107



Vocabulaire Bonne chance (p81/82)

Mes vacances d’Avril – discussion par deux

L’économie – discussion par deux (p76)

Vocabulaire en plus:

Être en quarantaine. = to be in quarantine

Nous avons fait de nouvelles choses comme le yoga. -> BANGS adjectives (before the nouns -> Beauty / Age / Numbers / Goodness / Size) -> when the adjective is before the noun, if you have des in front it turns into “de” -> (Nous avons mangé des bons gâteaux). -> Nous avons mangé de bons gâteaux.

Petites erreurs:

Elle relaxant dans sa jardin -> Elle se relaxe dans son jardin.

Il courir trois kilomètres chaque jour. -> Il court (courir = to run) trois kilomètres chaque jour.

Il a fait rien ->  Il n’a rien fait. 

Devoirs maison:

Preparation of 3 questions of Unit 5 (page 76/77 or Bonne chance). Please type your work using Google doc and upload it in the “Oral prep” section of google classroom.

Vocab Unit 5 : learn vocab indicated by Mr Porzadny during the online class (p81/82/83)


6th years (JP):

Lundi (x2):

  • Upload your past paper from the holidays (if you have done it of course, remember, Google doc only for written work)
  • Do all the reading comprehensions from 2013 (higher and ordinary level). To be finished for next Monday.
  • Once the reading comprehensions are done, correct them using the marking scheme on examinations.ie then add your final mark on your “Reading comprehensions and listening marks” spreadsheet in google classroom.


Watch the French news as often as you can via TV5monde.org

Choose one of the following online activity. A2 is elementary level, B1 is intermediate level and B2 is advanced level. There are four exercises per activity, explanations are at the top and the correction of each exercise is given to you once you click “Ok” at the end. This exercise is a good opportunity to widen your vocabulary by adding some words you find useful in your copy.

Niveau élémentaire – Vo, village laboratoire en Vénétie (niveau A2).

Niveau intermédiaire – Vo, village laboratoire en Vénétie (niveau B1).

Niveau avancé – Vo, village laboratoire en Vénétie (niveau B2).


Mercredi (online lesson via ZOom):

Les pronoms relatifs:


Correction du premier exercice:

Le professeur qu’ils écoutent est français. (nature: humain / fonction: objet direct)

C’est une ville qui est magnifique. (n: objet / f: sujet)

C’est un livre que j’aime beaucoup. (n: objet / f: objet direct)

Voici le document dont je vous ai parlé. (n: objet / f: objet introduit par “de”)

J’ai très peu d’amis avec qui je passe de bons moments. (n: humain / f: objet introduit par “avec”)

La géographie est la matière que je préfère par dessus tout. (n: objet / f: objet direct)


Devoirs maison:

Finish the first exercise of the presentation and do the last one.

Have fun with the following exercises:




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