2020/21 – 6th years – La lettre informelle/le courriel/la note

■ Informal letter: ​The informal letter has not come up since 2007 
● This question usually asks you to write a letter to a friend, a family member or a penpal
● As it is an informal letter, slightly more casual language can be used, and the recipient can be addressed with “tu” or “vous”, depending on their age
● Informal letters have a set structure:
○ In the top right corner, write the city and date of the letter eg. Dublin, le 8 mai
○ Open the letter with “Cher/ Chère [name of recipient]”
○ Close letter with something like “À bientôt” and sign off with the name given to you in the question
■ Email: ​A question asking you to write an email has come up 10 times since 2007 (2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019) 
● Emails usually have the question style and contents as an informal letter to a friend or family member
● It is not impossible however that you get asked to write a formal email in response to a job advertisement or to make a formal complaint via email
● Emails have a set structure:
○ On the first line, write “À: [recipient’s email address]”
○ On the second line, write “De: [sender’s email address]”
○ On the third line, write “Date: [date]”
○ On the fourth line, write “Objet: [subject of the email]”
○ Open the email with “Cher/Chère [name of recipient]” if it’s informal, or “Madame/Monsieur” if it’s formal
○ Close the email either with an informal ending (as in an informal letter) or with your sincerely (as in a formal letter) and sign off with the sender’s name
■ Note:​ In 2008 and 2013, students were asked to write a message or a note for somebody 
● These can be formal (as in 2008, when students were asked to write a request to hold a party) or informal (as in 2013, when students had to leave a note for the family they were staying with)
● They are otherwise very similar in content and style to the letter and email
Pour approfondir ses connaissances sur la lettre informelle et le courriel:
  • Livre Mosaïque p178, 179, 180, 411 et 412

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