2019/20 – 2nd years – Correction email p45

De (from): Adam : adam@Imsocool.com

A (to): Noémie : Noémie@jesuistropcool.com

Date : 4 juillet 2020

Objet : Mes vacances

Salut Noémie,

Comment ça va ? Moi, tout va bien ici à Cannes dans le sud de la France. Moi et ma famille passons de belles journée à la plage. Mon frère aime faire des châteaux de sable et mes parents sont vraiment gentils parce qu’ils nous achètent des glaces au chocolat. Miam, délicieux !

Nous logeons (= to stay/live) dans un bel hôtel sur la rue principale de Cannes. Il y a beaucoup de restaurants et de magasins. J’adore faire du shopping avec ma petite sœur, surtout à la boulangerie. Demain nous allons tous aller au marché local. Je vais acheter du fromage, des baguettes, des pains au chocolat, du vin et des croissants. Ca va être génial !

Aujourd’hui le temps est magnifique ! Il y a du soleil et il fait très chaud. Malheureusement cet après-midi il va pleuvoir. Quel dommage 🙁

Voilà, c’est tout pour le moment. Grosses bises à toi et à plus tard !


Advice : Variety of vocabulary, different subjects (Je / Moi et ma famille / Nous / Mon frère , Mes parents -> ), different tenses (present, near future), agreement with genders and adjectives, variety of grammar points (posessive adjectives, etc.)

2019/2020 – 3rd years – Student reflection note on CBA2

Dear students,

As the CBA2 due date approaches (3rd to 13th of March 2020) I would like you to start thinking about the Student reflection note you will have to do for each of your text/item you will submit as part of your CBA2.

So first, here is a little video from the department summarizing the Modern foreign language CBA2:

The student reflection note of the CBA2

“The note (student reflection note) provides space for the student to set out a very brief aim or intention for the piece of work and spaces to include reflection on what has been learnt and what the student might do differently on another occasion.

The note is used as a support for the student’s ongoing language learning. Student reflection is more meaningful if undertaken simultaneous to the creation of texts, where authentic opportunities arise, rather than weeks or months later.” – From the MFL assessment guidelines

The three questions you will need to answer are the following one:

  1. I chose this text item because:
  2. What I learnt from doing this text/item:
  3. What I would do differently next time:

To help you answering these questions, your teachers have provided you with some “Easy sample comments for reflection note of CBA 2 and assessment task“. These are based on the main learning outcome to be assessed through your 3 submitted items.

Easy sample comments for reflection note of CBA 2 and assessment task:

Communicative competence:

  • 1.9: I work on improving my pronunciation.
  • 1.10: I talk about me/[any familiar topic]/[cultural topics]
  • 1.11: I practice/talk with/interact/participate/work together with other students in French/Spanish
  • 1.17: I write letters/emails/create role-plays/presentations/videos about me/[any familiar topic]/[cultural topics]
  • 1.19: I write about things that I am interested in
  • 1.20: I use different tenses
  • 1.22: I use Chromebooks, my phone and computers to write and edit my work and create videos with my classmates or by myself.

Language awareness:

  • 2.1: I understand the rules of the language and correct my mistakes.
  • 2.2: I can create my own work in French/Spanish.
  • 2.7: I listen to advice/feedback from the teacher to improve my work.

Socio-cultural knowledge

  • 3.1: I know facts about French/Spanish speaking countries and their culture.
  • 3.2: I know facts about French/Spanish culture.
  • 3.4: I know more about French people/Spaniards.
  • 3.7: I have looked at what’s the same and different with Ireland and Irish people.
  • 3.8: I have found some interesting music/films/food/sports/etc. in the French/Spanish culture.

Some of YOUR answers (from class):

  • I chose this text item because:
    1. I really enjoyed team bonding trip in Bundoran and the activities I did with my friend. So I really enjoyed also writing about it. I did some research to learn new vocabulary in French.
    2. It gave me lots of opportunities to show off my knowledge of vocabulary and grammar in the French language.
    3. Bundoran was one of my favourite school trip and I enjoyed writing about it.
    4. We went on a school trip that involved learning French and making friends.
    5. I really enjoyed my French trip to Bundoran and I felt it greatly improved my French.
    6. I enjoyed writing about my friends.
    7. It was interesting to write about the trip.
    8. It shows our learning skills up to this point.


  • What I learnt from doing this text/item:
    1. I learned new French words.
    2. I was able how to use my past tense better and how to put them in a paragraph.
    3. I got better at giving directions.
    4. I learned how to express my feelings better in French and how to explain new and interesting activities in the past tense.
    5. It helped me revise the vocab associated with this topic.
    6. It helps with grammar because we have to use the present, past and future.
    7. I learned how to explain my experience in French and learn new vocabulary.


  • What I would do differently next time:
    1. I would use more advanced vocabulary to describe things.
    2. I would try to interweave my passage with more complex words, tenses and grammar to display my knowledge of the French language.
    3. I could have paid more attention in the French class in Bundoran…
    4. I would try to put more effort into using more advanced vocab.
    5. Use more descriptive language.
    6. I would use different tenses such as the recent past because I have only used the passé compose. It would bring a hint of variety to my text.
    7. I would revise my texts more often.
    8. I would give y portfolio to my teacher more often.
    9. I would use Duolingo more often (as my lovely French teacher reminds me weekly J)
    10. I would try and speak more French in and outside the class.


    • Start working on an “Oral” text/item (presentation)
      1. example (google slide par Mr Porzadny)
      2. role play “how I feel” -> Thusday recorded for possble CBA2

  • Revise your portfolio
    1. Reflection note on a piece of work
    2. Revise your own work.
  • La fête du disco (Jeudi 19 décembre)
  • La video sur l’imparfait.